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Philip Rousseau's Current Research

During the period September 2018 through December 2019, I shall be on extended research leave, before retiring fully at the end of that period.  In addition to tidying up some existing loose ends (mainly to do with Jerome and Cassian), still welcoming invitations to review books, and helping with institutional developments related to the Center, I shall be focusing on two article-length projects:
1. "Hagiography in its Place: Jerome's Life of Hilarion."  After general reflections on the way vitae tell us as much about places as about persons, I shall explore how Jerome uses his biography to offer comment on his experience of Roman Palestine.
2. "'The Ascetic Imperative': Early Christian Essentials."  After updating the force of Geoffrey Harpham's 1987 phrase, I shall ask what might have been the common convictions held by late Roman figures who practised asceticism in such a great variety of ways, outside as well as inside the more formal institution of "monasticism."